A Guide to Controlling Termites Year-Round

It is not uncommon for termites to go unnoticed in a person’s home. They slowly feed on any cellulose-based materials they can find, and this results in extensive damages to the wood foundations present in many houses. The best way of controlling termites is through eliminating their preferred environment. There are certain conditions that termites look for in a habitat, and if a homeowner can destroy these conditions, then an infestation can be prevented.

Depriving the Termites of a Habitat

Termites thrive in moist environments, and the first action a person can take is to make his or her home as dry as possible. Leaking faucets and pipes should be repaired, water should be diverted from the foundation of the house, and all standing water should be eliminated. In addition, it is also necessary to remove the termites’ food sources, which can be done in a few ways:

  • Keep firewood and lumber away from a home’s foundation
  • Prevent the wood on a house from making contact with outside soil
  • Remove stumps and other types of wood debris

By taking these precautions, people can reduce the chances of termites invading their home. These measures are not always successful, however, and infestations can still occur. There are ways people can inspect their homes, though, to find out whether termites are present.

Warning Signs and Treatment Options

There are several indications that a home is infested with termites. If a homeowner notices any cracked paint or insect droppings, a colony could be present in the house. A person can also tap on the wood in his or her home as a way of finding termites. Hearing a faint hollow sound is an indication that pest services should be obtained.

The best termite treatment available to people is the chemical solutions used by many professional businesses. These chemicals are available in an eco-friendly form, and they are the most effective way for controlling termites and eliminating them from a person’s home. To learn more about baiting termites or for information about the professional and affordable termite control treatments available from Action Termite Control, call (877) 556-4131 today.

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