3 Ways to Combat Termites During the Hot Summer Months in Phoenix, Arizona

With termite season in full-swing, it’s important to know how to effectively combat termites during the sweltering summer months in Arizona. The desert heat provides prime conditions for swarming season to begin, and although it’s hot and dry outside any source of moisture near your house can invite searching termites to begin their new colonies at your place. Here are 3 great ways to combat termites during the summer in Phoenix, Arizona.

Eliminate Moisture

The best way to prevent a termite infestation from the git-go is to eliminate stagnate or fresh water sources by diverting them away from your home since termites are attracted to water. Gutters, splash blocks and downspouts help to significantly reduce your chances for termite infestation.

Indoor reduction of humidity is also an effective way to make your house less alluring to marauding termites. Good ventilation ensures that humidity levels remain low, offering additional protection for your home.

Get Rid of Old Wood

Discarded wood or lumber attracts termites, leading them straight into your home. Removal of any wood that may be lying around the perimeter of your house wards off hungry termites. Throw away unused form boards that may have been left behind after construction as well as any other leftover wood that could welcome termites, and if you do have wood that needs to be brought indoors, thoroughly inspect it before bringing it inside your home.

Pay Attention

Diligence is the key to keeping the foundation of your home safe from termite infestation. Regularly checking the framework of your home and noticing any new insects buzzing around could alert you to the early formation of a termite colony. If you do see flying termites or “alates” or notice signs of termite infestation contact a termite specialist immediately to prevent the spread of damage. Flying termites are responsible for the building of new colonies, especially during the spring and summer months.

By following these three important termite prevention steps, you’ll be one step ahead in reducing the risk that an infestation might occur, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the summer.

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