3 Signs of Bed Bugs You Should Watch For in Phoenix, AZ

Pests can show up in your house without you realizing it. Since they are small and can crawl into different locations, it can be difficult to notice if you have them. You should keep your eyes open and look for signs of bed bugs since they can pose some serious problems. If you live in the Phoenix, AZ area, then make sure that you watch out for these signs.

Waking Up With Bites

Bed bugs will bite you in your sleep, causing your body to react. You will notice lots of small red bumps forming on your skin, which is a clear sign of bed bugs. Depending on your reaction to them, they can get much larger and even swell. So if you wake up with these bite marks on your body, then you should check the area for bed bugs.

Feces and Blood

When bed bugs bite into you, they will suck the blood from your body. Because of this, they will naturally cause blood stains to form. On top of that, you will also notice dark spots on your bed, which is a common sign of feces. This means that the bed bugs are most likely biting you and leaving these stains on your bed.

Eggs and Shells

You will also find other types of bed bug droppings. As more are born on your bed, you may notice eggs in the area, which includes hatched and unhatched ones. On top of this, bed bugs shed when they grow, so you will see their old body shells around or on your bed. Make sure that you also check the crevices and edges of your bed for them.


Bed bugs can be difficult to identify if you don’t know what signs you should look out for. Because of this, we have these three specific signs that will keep you aware and allow you to keep yourself safe. If you come across these signs in your own home, then you should seek out and contact our local Phoenix pest control experts to assist you.

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