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Signs You Have Termites

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Unfortunately, many homeowners don't discover that they have termites until the pests cause extensive and irreparable damage to their homes. When you are walking across your hardwood floor and your foot breaks through the wood, that's a pretty obvious sign that you have termites. But there are less obvious signs you have termites for which

Local Termite Treatment for Your Property

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Whether you live in a brand-new house or a historical home, you should be proactive about controlling termites. These destructive pests can strike anywhere, at any time. Once you've got termites, you don't want to drag your feet when it comes to getting rid of them. The longer termites remain in your house, the more

Do I Have Termites?

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If you see swarms of insects that look like ants with wings hovering around your house, you probably will ask yourself, "Do I have termites?" For the sake of protecting your most valuable asset (your home), you should make sure to contact a professional who can answer that question for you. Termites literally eat away

Inspecting for Termites in Your Home

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There are many reasons why you might suspect that you have termites – or might need confirmation that you do not. Perhaps you have noticed swarms of flying ant-looking bugs around your house. Maybe you've noticed areas of your house where the wood appears to have been eaten away. Maybe you are planning to put

A Guide to Controlling Termites Year-Round

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It is not uncommon for termites to go unnoticed in a person's home. They slowly feed on any cellulose-based materials they can find, and this results in extensive damages to the wood foundations present in many houses. The best way of controlling termites is through eliminating their preferred environment. There are certain conditions that termites