2 Tips for Making Your Home’s Exterior Less Attractive to Scorpions in Phoenix, AZ

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2 Tips for Making Your Home’s Exterior Less Attractive to Scorpions in Phoenix, AZ

Arizona's Experts Since 1969

While there are several varieties of scorpions in the Phoenix, AZ, area, one that stands out is the bark scorpion. Since they can not only climb up the walls of your house, members of this species also have an extremely painful bite that causes numbness. To keep these nasty scorpions away from your house, use the tips below to make your home’s exterior less attractive.

1. Remove Any Moisture-retaining Items Lying Around Your House

One thing you can do to make your house in the Phoenix Metro area less attractive is to find and remove any moisture-retaining items that are lying around outside. As with all living things, bark scorpions need water to live and will seek out any moisture.

If you have a pool, make sure you do not leave wet towels or bathing suits out overnight. If you do leave wet items out overnight, make sure you shake them out and away from you to avoid getting stung by a hidden scorpion.

You should also avoid leaving wood or cardboard outside near your house. As for garbage cans, store them toward the outer perimeter of your property instead of near your front or back door.

2. Change the Color of Your Outdoor Light Bulbs

Another way you can deter bark scorpions is to change the color of your outdoor light bulbs. When the scorpions crawl around at night, they are most attracted to white lights that illuminate areas much like the sun.

Instead of white light bulbs, use yellow-colored ones. The softer, off-colored light does not attract scorpions or other bugs the same way as white light does.

Even if you make your home’s exterior unattractive to bark scorpions, they may still find their way inside through tiny crevices and openings. If you find these scorpions crawling up your walls, contact us at Action Termite & Pest Control for help.

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