Do termites bite?

Termites are wood destroying insects which cause severe harm to the structure of homes but are not known to bite humans. However, there are soldier termites that have the ability to bite humans but will only do so if handled. The soldier termites are equipped to combat invading insects, such as ants and members of

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Signs You Have Termites

Unfortunately, many homeowners don't discover that they have termites until the pests cause extensive and irreparable damage to their homes. When you are walking across your hardwood floor and your foot breaks through the wood, that's a pretty obvious sign that you have termites. But there are less obvious signs you have termites for which

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Local Termite Treatment for Your Property

Whether you live in a brand-new house or a historical home, you should be proactive about controlling termites. These destructive pests can strike anywhere, at any time. Once you've got termites, you don't want to drag your feet when it comes to getting rid of them. The longer termites remain in your house, the more

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